Warmth and Tradition

Temple Leadership

The Shul is managed by our Board of Directors.  The spiritual vision of the Temple is directed by our Rabbi, Sheldon Pennes.  Our religious chairman, Steven Kaye helps with services and implementing programming.  The Board of Directors oversees the temple budget and administration of temple programs.  The daily management of temple affairs are handled by our office administrator, Valerie Cook.


Membership is open to all Jews recognized as such by the Office of the Rabbi.  For the year 2014, the Membership dues are $400.00 and $200.00 for singles and associate members. High Holiday tickets are $60.00 for members and $100.00 for non-members.

In all cases of hardship, a reduced rate can be privately agreed with the Rabbi, so there is never a monetary bar to Membership.

If you are interested in joining, then please contact the Temple, and you will be sent the relevant forms.